Bio-Worm Pigeon


A combination of polyherbal extracts and wormwood as in aid in natural deworming.

Instructions for use.

10ml to 1litre of water for 1 day. Not to be used on young birds under 14 days.

B.Folic £12 500ml 

Vitamin B12 Concentrate. Powerful b12 and folic acid combination.

Note: Folic acid complements B12 especially in red blood cell synthesis.

Instructions for use.

5ml to 1 litre of water on day per week.

Carva-Crol-DS £15 500ML

•100% Natural antibiotic free product

Oregano oil with high carvacrol content (over 90%)

Stimulate bile flow and improves fat digestion

• Silkier feathers for faster flight

• Intestinal cleanser

• Drier droppings

• Better breathing for better race results

Instructions for use.

10ml to 5litres of water. Use 2days a week or 7/7 days when birds are stressed. Shake Well before use.

Compatible with all pigeon supplements.