Pigeon Botanicals was founded in 2015 and came about in response to years of frustration and 100’s of conversations about the lack of pigeon focused products on the market; and those few products that were out there, most contained ingredients that can have negative side effects on other areas of the birds health, I.e. Dimetrazole has toxic side effects with very low safety margins, it effects fertility and gives very poor results after treatment this is just one example there are many more. This is why we decided to find a GMP accredited company willing to make our own range of pigeon specific, natural products that fanciers can use all year round, on young birds and old, when racing and breeding.

When designing the products, we used our 50 years+ pigeon fancying experience as well as taking advice from you, our customers, on what products worked for them and how they could be improved to make sure our products were not only the highest possible quality but also economical for the fancier.

Our products are a range of supplements that are scientifically formulated to do what they say. There are no gimmicks, no exaggerated claims, just quality. Plus, our company has a strict no doping policy so you can use the full Botanicals range with complete peace of mind.